This is a book, but not like you've seen before.

It's a work in progress, there will be no 'big reveal' moment where it gets published and you get to read it, you get to read it right now... before it's finished.

Yeah, that's the weird bit, if you like it then you won't just be able flip to the next page and find the next chapter. What's live on this site right now is the current total that I've written, I'm not holding back - waiting to get it right - before I put it up on here.


I'm using trello boards to collect my ideas around the book. There's one for the section structure and one for ideas about the plot ideas.

So let me know on twitter if you like it and please add suggestions / corrections to the github issues page.


This is an adult book, it's going to have rude words and rude scenes in it - if those sorts of things offend you, this is probably not the book for you.

Last thing

If you see that a section's title has an asterisk (*) next to it, that means it's still being worked on, it might end abruptly or have bits missing. I'm going to come back to that bit but it might be a bit annoying to read for the moment, apologies in advance!

Thanks, enjoy!

Section 0 - Begin

So I’m going to make a few guesses here, do tell me if I get something wrong.

Section 1 - Chatty Rats

It was dark. Ok, it was always dark in that fortress, but that night John was convinced that this was a new level of dark.

Section 2 - Boss *

Jane knew that there was still an expectation for men to be leaders and women to be less important or less noticed.

Section 3 - Physique *

It was raining, heavy, cold, depressing. Jane hated Wednesdays.

Section 4 - Investigate *

It was about twenty minutes after Jane had ordered the other members of the camp out of the ro...

Section 5 - Structure *

Gorlak was different now. This was his new reality. He no longer had a self-defence system kee...