Section 0 - Begin

So I’m going to make a few guesses here, do tell me if I get something wrong.

I’m guessing you’ve seen every alien documentary you could get your hands on. You’ve read the diary entries of that crackpot that swears he was captured by this super advanced race for the singular purpose that they could experiment on him. You see ET when you close your eyes and Alf when you wake.

These are guesses, but they’re pretty close right?

You’ve heard about the cute aliens and the cruel aliens. You haven’t heard of the Dray.

As superpowers in the galaxy go, these are the people you want to keep an eye on. Sure they had their ups and downs but overall they did alright by human moral standards, despite the fact that our moral compasses are more than a little messed up.

Although there was this one time where things went a bit, well, let’s say pear-shaped.

The average Dray is more intelligent than the average human. The best way that I can describe this is by using the comparison of the average Chimpanzee to the average Human being - by the way - try not to let this exercise damage your fragile ego. So we have an average Chimp - let’s call her Suzy - and you’ve figured out a way to communicate with Suzy. You bring her to the side of skyscraper and ask her what it is. She will reply that it’s a tree, duh. To Suzy and her peers anything that is huge must have been created by nature. There’s no way that Suzy could build the skyscraper, she fully understands that. However, the concept that multiple thousands of Suzy-like-people could work together to put this thing together using massive unnatural machines, that’s a bit of a stretch for Suzy.

Even though Suzy has significant intelligence compared with other mammals she struggles to grasp some of the things that would be relatively simple to understand for humans. It’s not as big a step up from Humans to Dray as Chimp to Human, but it’s a useful notion to keep in your head. They are things that will seem relatively simple to the average Dray that are completely out the grasp of your average human.

So when a race this intelligent happens to find itself with a rebel group that are set on the notion that only Dray should exist in this Galaxy and anything else with even the vaguest suggestions of intelligence are a threat to be wiped from their respective planet or moon - yeah, that’s a problem.

They call themselves the Draycore. They are Dray, they hold the pseudo-traditional values of the Dray of self-preservation and defence core to their psychology.

They are our worst nightmare.